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  • A new OpenTable survey finds that a lot of people get “food envy” when dining out, with 91% of people pining for a different dish in a restaurant
  • 40% of people instantly feel disappointment over their meal choice, while 37% experience regret, and 33% feel hunger
  • 39% say they deal with it by coming back to the restaurant and ordering the dish they’re eyeing another time, although 31% will actually try to convince their companions to share their meal, or they may even steal from other’s dishes

Source: OpenTable


  • According to a new survey, folks in the Northeast are the most generous wedding gift givers
  • 30% of Northeasterners say they spend at least $200 for a close friend or family member, while only 13% of folks in other parts of the country spend that much
  • Those in the Northeast and Midwest are most likely to go with cash or a check as a wedding gift, while those in the South and West are likely to buy a physical gift off the registry

Source: Yahoo Finance

Some start the morning with a smoothie for that burst of energy. But it turns out, swapping some of the fruits and veggies in your blender can create a bedtime smoothie that works to help put you to sleep instead. The key is choosing the ingredients that are known to make you sleepy and help you get quality rest. These would make great additions to your nighttime blended beverage:

  • Bananas - They contain tryptophan, which helps you get to sleep, as well as B vitamins and magnesium and potassium, which relax muscles.
  • Cherries - They’re a natural source of melatonin, which is a hormone our bodies make as well, that helps us fall asleep faster and helps us stay asleep longer.
  • Almonds - These nuts aren’t just packed with nutrition, they’ve also got tryptophan and magnesium, so they’re great for your bedtime smoothie.
  • Kiwi - Research shows the high levels of antioxidants and serotonin in this fruit help people fall asleep more quickly, sleep more soundly, and get more quality sleep overall.

It’s suggested that you drink your sleepytime smoothie about half an hour before you want to fall asleep.

Source: PureWow

Tax Day has come and gone and hopefully you filed on time and are due a refund. Studies have shown that spending even just a small part of your tax refund is good for your happiness and well-being. The thing is, what you spend your money on makes a difference.  Researchers from Cornell University have found that splurging on material things gives you a “fleeting high,” but spending on experiences - like a vacation with loved ones - offers “long-term joy.” So science says take the trip, you’ll be happier in the long run. Now you just need to decide where to go!

Source: My Domaine

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