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  • According to a new report, Americans’ well-being is on the rise, and is actually at the highest level in six years. The report is based on a survey in which consumers were asked to agree with three statements, “I am typically happy,” “I am healthy,” and “I am financially secure.”  Well-being is at 65.9% this year, up 4% from last year. Another well-being survey finds that parents are reporting the highest overall well-being, while women are the only group to see a decrease in well-being

Source: Temken

  • The folks at Pringles want you to know there is a right and wrong way to eat their chip.  Thee company says that how you eat the chip can affect the flavor, since only one side of a Pringle is actually flavored. Folks should eat their Pringle with the convex side facing up, meaning when you’re eating it the center should be high as the tips fall downward.

Source: The Daily Mail

  • According to reports, Starbucks will officially make the once-secret Unicorn Frappuccino a menu item starting today, but will only be availble through Saturday. The drink is made with mango syrup mixed with a sweet pink powder and a sour blue powder, topped with vanilla whipped cream, for the unicorn horn. The drink reportedly changes color and flavor as you swirl it around

Source: Today

  • A poll finds that 53% of Americans believe they're more informed about what’s going on in the world now as opposed to before the election.  Overall, 58% of both Democrats and Republicans say they're more informed about current affairs than they were prior to November.  Words used by politicians were trending in site lookups following several election-related events, with 36% of Americans saying they came across a word during the election coverage that they didn’t know

Source: Yahoo Finance

  • Life is about to get better for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fans. The beloved treat making company has found another way to make us happy: they’re making ice cream flavored lip balms.  The sweet lip balms come in four flavors:

-Strawberry Kiwi Swirl

-Mint Chocolate Cookie

-Chocolate Fudge Brownie

-Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

          Apparently, they’re made with good stuff like organically-derived extra-virgin olive oil, hemp seed, and                 jojoba, so they’re perfect for hydrating your lips.  Expect to pay about $4.

Source: Shape

  • When most women get engaged and start thinking about their wedding day, their dress is at the top of their list. It turns out the average price for a wedding dress in 2016 was $1,564, which is up from 2015 (when it was $1,469). Aside from the venue, photographer, and wedding planner, the dress was one of the biggest expenses for a wedding.


  • According to a Harvard study that looked at the diets of around 130,000 adults over 20 years, some vegetables actually contribute to weight gain. Yeah, not what you were expecting from your produce at all. But it’s not the leafy greens or sprouts that lead to the scale tipping - the “unhealthiest” veggie of all is actually corn which is actually a grain).  On the flip side, the study finds that people who eat more high-fiber veggies like kale and string beans are more likely to drop weight over time.

Source: Byrdie

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