Parents Think Twice About Their Kids And Sports

Kids joining the baseball team or football team is a normal rite of passage, but these days a lot of parents seriously think twice before allowing their kids to join a team, mainly out of concern for concussions.

A new survey finds that while 51% of parents say they would allow their kids to play sports regardless of the risk of concussions, 33% say it depends on the sport, and 16% have ruled out sports altogether because of the risk. And it sounds like parents have a reason to be worried, with 300,000 sports-related concussions reported each year in the U.S., with the likelihood of a kid getting a concussion while playing a contact sport around 19% per year.

But even with all of that many parents believe sports are worth the risk. In fact, 60% of parents say benefits like teamwork, self-esteem and improved physical health outweigh the risk, while 49% believe in the protective equipment available to prevent against concussions.

Of course, the sport their kid's playing is a factor as well. For example, 66% of parents would allow their kids to play baseball, and another 63% would allow them to play basketball, yet only 18% are okay with their kids playing football, and only 6% would allow them play rugby. Check out the other percentages below.

  • Soccer (57%)
  • Gymnastics (47%)
  • Cheerleading (36%)
  • Wrestling (18%)
  • Lacrosse (17%)
  • Field Hockey (16%)
  • Hockey (12%)
  • Other (22%)

Source: Health News Digest

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