Moms Share Their Experiences With Mommy Shaming

These days it seems like everyone feels it’s their right to offer you their opinion - whether you ask for it or not. And women know that’s especially true when it comes to mothers. Complete strangers have no shame in putting their two cents in about how you’re doing as a mom, which is, understandably, infuriating.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has moms sharing their experiences with mommy-shaming, and it’s pretty apparent that people need to just mind their own (expletive) business.

Reasons moms have been mommy-shamed include:

  • “I was shamed for breastfeeding my daughter. Had some idiot say I was only doing it because I was too cheap for formula."
  • “Fiancée and I got called in and shamed by the kindergarten because we packed a happy meal for lunch on his birthday. Not because it was unhealthy, but because it made the other kids jealous.”
  • “My mom was always mom shamed, usually for letting me play with ‘boy’ toys. She just let me play with and wear what I enjoyed.”
  • “I had a glass of Mountain Dew at a restaurant while pregnant to treat myself after not drinking any caffeine for six months…A middle aged man told me he felt I’m not fit to be a mother.”
  • “I once got mommy shamed for not having cookies in the house for my kids at the time. I just shrugged it off.”
  • “I was mommy shamed for saying I want to wait until the birth to find out the sex of the baby. I’m not even pregnant.”
  • “I’ve been told I will give my daughter psychological problems because I sometimes call her ‘silly.' She is four weeks old.”
  • “I have been mom shamed because I put my daughter on a leash. She is a hyper runner and I also have an infant so I can’t just run after her. It’s for her protection and I only use it in crowded places.”
  • “'You should just make her nurse. Nobody had those fancy pumps back in the day. She’ll figure it out when she’s hungry enough.' Oh yes, horrible me for pumping instead of starving my newborn.”

Source: Whisper

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