Black Bear Shreds SUV After Getting Trapped Inside


A Connecticut woman called 911 after she heard strange noises coming from her Subaru Outback which was parked in her driveway. Linda Morad looked outside and noticed the lights were on in the car so she thought that somebody was in the vehicle. While she was on the phone with police, the car horn began to blare. 

When police arrived they did not find a person inside. Instead, the responding officers saw that a giant black bear had become trapped in the SUV and was trying desperately to break out. One of the officers opened a door and quickly ran to the other side of the car. The bear bolted from the door and ran into back into the woods. 

While the bear was unharmed, the car was totaled. In its attempt to get free, the bear tore up the inside of the car, ripping up the seats and pulling apart the paneling in the back and the trunk. 

Morad said she's unsure how the bear got inside her car but added that she believes it was attracted to her SUV because she had used it to bring garbage to dump earlier in the day and it still had a lingering smell of garbage. 


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