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Making waves all over the world with their music, Churchill is a band you definitely want to keep your eye on. The band has a brand new EP out, and a new full-length album on the way, set for July 2013 release. They've been touring with P!nk, will be touring with Phillip Phillips, and recently gave a stellar performance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Churchill stopped by the iHeartRadio studios in New York City recently, where they talked about everything but the music. Find out what the band had to say about Canadian prom, Winston Churchill, and dinosaurs in OffBEAT with Churchill below.

What has changed?

Literally everything. Our clothes, the shows we’re planning. Things are moving for us really fast right now and it’s been really awesome to be along for the ride. We were all able to quit our day jobs in November and December and that has changed a lot.

What is on your list?

Playing Red Rocks in Denver. But it happened really fast for us and I’m really proud that it did but looking forward to doing it again. Every time we get to play there it’s just an amazing experience it’s a beautiful venue. [Also] laundry. 

What is the Canadian prom like?

[Bethany] and Tom went to Canadian prom. We played a lot of Nickelback, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne. There was a lot of gravy on stuff, milk in bags.

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What makes you stand or fall on your own?

Gravity. The five of us are really always supportive and helpful with each other and when any one of us gets down any of the other four would help us up. And when one of us gets too tall, the rest of us will knock them down.

What does sunshine sound like?

A harp, [a] Mellotron, it sounds like hammer chord. [A] digital mandolin. It’s jingly. Sunshine definitely has tremolo.

What makes you happy and what makes you sad?

Everything. Music makes us happy and sad. But good sad. Good like you want to bawl your eyes out sad. Playing shows makes us happy, even when we’re totally bummed .. like for at least a little bit after every show that we play we’re all back to where we need to be. That’s something that we all can agree on that we just enjoy, performing and being infront of people and playing the music that we’re really proud of and having people respond positively. Also, a good workout. When we’re hungry we get sad. We turn into the worst hungry band ever. We get really grumpy at each other as soon as we’re hungry.

If you were the president, what would be your first official order of business?

More funding for science and education. Renovate to oval office. Hire Beyonce as point of staff. All the jobs that they have in the white house, [would be replaced] with like Beyonce, Alicia Keys… [but] keep Michele Obama around definitely. [Also] mow the grass in front of the white house cool designs, so when people are taking pictures there’d be cool designs in the lawn.

If Winston Churchill was still around, do you think you’d be friends?

Yea. He likes whiskey. We enjoy a nice whiskey just like he did. He is a super hard worker and he had a huge speech that was like "never ever give up," and that’s what his life was like that and what we aspire to, is to like keep going and never giving up.

If you ran your own Jurassic Park, what would be the dinosaurs at the top of your list?

Triceratops. Easy. We should keep the T-Rexes out. All safe ones. Let’s have the herbivores, all like the friendly ones. [And] We’ll have a pterodactyl. But [we] don’t want the dinosaurs eating each other. [We] want those little ones. The little ones are cool that are like this high, they’re like dangerous but they’re cool. We could have velociraptors because real velociraptors are actually only two feet tall, they were very exaggerated for that movie. Stegosaurus too, they didn’t have any stegosaurus in that movie, that was a big disappointment. Iit’s such a bummer because they were a great animal. Majestic beasts.

Listen to Churchill's new EP, The War Within, below.

"Gone Too Long"

"The War Within"

"Lock Your Heart Down"


Photos by Katherine Tyler