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Katy Perry has been named the new Queen of Twitter. 

As of Monday, the pop star has acquired over 46.5 million followers, surpassing the followers of the now-dethroned King of the social media site, Justin Bieber. 

According to, Katy has been inching towards usurping the Biebs since last week.  The increase in followers seems to have been spurred along by the release of her new album Prism in late October. 

Bieber held onto the number one spot for ten months.  He replaced Lady Gaga, now at number three, from the top spot back in January.  

It looks like Katy will be holding onto her title for some time, as well.  Bloggers are predicting that if the trend continues, Katy could become the first person ever to reach 50 million followers!

Congratulations Katy!

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