Standing on my porch this morning, watching the white puffy clouds race across the blue sky, breathing in the fresh scent of spring's promise…I wanted IT. It was like waking up from a long, deep sleep to see sunshine and bright blue skies and hear the music of nature, and wanting so badly to do something!

Watching pink cherry tree petals flutter in the wind like a warm, fragrant shower of color reminds me that the fruit from those trees will be sweet and ripe, fresh for the picking and canning. I already have plans for making lots of jams and jellies to restock my depleted pantry.

The spring breeze makes me feel wild and young again. I believe in spring's promise of hope and renewal and will embrace that feeling, letting go of any lingering negativity in order to appreciate what is ahead. Now is a good time to let any anger, frustration, and discontent slip away…

Find out what you want and go for it! Don't sit around thinking and fussing. Do something your heart aches to do. Take a deep breath. Breathe in the opportunity. Get inspired. Sail on the fresh, promise-filled wind and go a little wild...let the fever take hold and whisk you off to better days ahead.