You can look at the world and decide to focus on the problems, the chaos, and the conflicts. You can look into your own life and focus on all the things you don't have. You can fret about the resources you don't have and the skills you wish you had and get bitter and depressed about a whole gamut of problems.

Or, you can look at the same picture of your life and see all that you DO have. First and foremost, you have freedoms that other people in the world don't have. Do you know in some countries women aren't allowed to ride bicycles or motorcycles? Do you know in some countries little girls aren't allowed to go to school? In some countries, you can be jailed or put to death if you choose to marry someone your family doesn't approve of.

We enjoy the freedom to laugh and learn and read, to get an education, to study -- nobody can take those things from us. You get to pick up books and delve into stories and transport yourself into a world of imagination. You have the freedom to fall in love and celebrate it. You have the freedom to speak your mind. You can listen to my radio show at night and enjoy popular music without the worry of being harmed for doing so. Other people don't have those freedoms and luxuries. But you do.

Don't shrink all the good things in your life by focusing on all the things you still have yet to acquire or do or become. Just a thought to help you sail into the rest of your week with your head held high...